Who We Are and What We Do

Shepard Communications Group provides industry analysis, training and consulting services to service providers, component and device manufacturers, regulatory agencies, professional services firms, media companies, universities, advertising agencies, venture capital firms, vertical industry sectors, and global economists. All services are offered in both English and Spanish and are always customized for the market in which they are delivered.

Our Primary Services Include:

  • Executive briefings, market analyses, strategy sessions, and technology overviews
  • A broad selection of technology workshops, courses and programs
  • Surveys and overviews of global technology sectors
  • Product Training
  • Cross-Cultural Transition services
  • Curriculum and educational program design
  • Sales and Marketing strategic consulting
  • Writing services
  • Technical photography through Shepard Images
  • Multiple media delivery through the Executive Crash Course Company

All of these products and services are available in either English or Spanish. Other languages can be accommodated through our longstanding relationships with simultaneous translation services throughout the world.

Please contact us for details on these or other programs.


Our values are simple and straight-forward. We deliver with contagious passion, a sense of wonder, excellence in everything we do, a deeply felt sense of satisfaction that is shared with our customer, a commitment to intellectual porosity, and a desire to make a difference, not just a living. This is who we are, not what we do.